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Technical details

  • Thermokynnys HD is made of 3 mm thick acid-proof stainless steel (AISI 316).
  • The mountings are made of stainless rebar.
  • EPS or urethane board is used as insulation material.
  • The standard lengths are 2500, 3000, 4500 and 6000 mm. (Special lengths available by order))
  • Also available equipped with a heating system.
  • Electrolytic polish available as an option.
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  1. The Thermokynnys threshold prevents the cold from the outside from reaching the floor inside and thus saves energy.
  2. A Thermokynnys threshold equipped with a heating system prevents the door seal from freezing and getting stuck even in very demanding conditions.
  3. Thermokynnys protects the underfloor heating pipes near the threshold from freezing.
  4. Thermokynnys holds out well against continuous driving over an stays tidy.
  5. Thermokynnys seals up the boundary surface between the door and the floor.
  6. Thermokynnys is a neat and energy efficient heavy-duty threshold solution for clean indoor spaces, storages and garages.
  7. Thermokynnys is an affordable, finished product that is easy to install.
  8. Thermokynnys gives a carefully finished look to your garage or hall.


  • Tel: +358 50 3546311
  • Email: tilaukset@thermokynnys.com
  • Postal Address: Thermokynnys Oy, Vesiroineenkatu 11, 33720 Tampere
  • Our webshop will open soon!
  • We have manufactured and delivered a 20-piece sample batch of Thermokynnys thresholds to pilot clients for testing.
  • The Thermokynnys threshold equipped with a heating system is now in its pilot phase.

Shipping methods

  • Collect from our warehouse according to agreement
  • Shipping as a package to your address


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The designer of the Thermokynnys threshold is an experienced professional in the construction business. While visiting building sites he noticed a shortcoming in the implementation of doors an thresholds in garages and indsutrial halls. In these premises the concrete floor usually extends outside the door and is typically reinforced by an angled carbon steel profile at the edge. This kind of a solution consumes a lot of energy and, after some time, it often becomes very untidy due to the rusting of the profile and the cracking of the concrete.

Thus there was a need for a neat, energy efficient and finished threshold solution in the market, and Thermokynnys was designed to fill this gap. Thw first prototypes of the product were made for the designer's own garage.

The company Thermokynnys Oy was founded in 2016 to manufacture and sell insulated HD (heavy-duty) thresholds for garages and industrial halls.


  • +358 50 3546311
  • tilaukset@thermokynnys.com
  • Thermokynnys Oy, Vesiroineenkatu 11, 33720 Tampere
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